Friday, August 20, 2010

Some of August

I can't believe that August is nearing the end! Seriously? Where has the time gone? Of course the older we get, the faster time flies!

This week was the first week of school. Another reminder of just how quickly my kids are growing and getting older.

Carson actually starts next week, but he got to go meet his teacher, so he was just as excited to get all ready for the "first day." I will get some pictures of his official day on Monday.

Connor had a few little jitters the night before. I tried to comfort him and help him to realize it would be an exciting day. There are lots of kids from the neighborhood in his class. It wasn't until he saw them, that he started to relax and get excited.

It has been hard for me to get back into "schedule." Especially because it is still August! Whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day?! I love the freedom of summer break. I love doing fun things all the time, and letting bedtime slip here and there. But, it is time to get back into the swing of things!

Here are some pics of the kids just doing the day to day stuff in the Zierse house!

This has been a rough week for baby Jace. Sick babies are no fun!

I knew something was wrong with him because he NEVER cuddles! Cuddling is all he has wanted to do for the last 4 days!

He started to perk up a bit last night so we went outside to play and enjoy the pleasant evening.

I haven't quite decided who Jace looks like. But, I do have an identical picture of Connor at this same age!

Katelyn and her cousin ran around forever!

Ring around the Rosie's

and chasing each other all over the yard.
I am going to miss the nice weather. I love just sitting in the yard and watching the kids play and play. Hopefully we will be blessed with a nice and long fall!


The Carney Family said...

I miss you guys! I saw the picture of Katelynn and she looks like such a big girl now, I started getting all teary (it didn't help with the song that was playing on your blog either)Your kids are getting so big. It's wierd how sometimes it feels like yesterday you just left, but then it also feels like forever since we've seen you. Anyway, we have to somehow get together this year!

Angela said...

I'm so excited for the boys to start school. More free time for me!
Those pictures of Katelyn and her cousin are super cute!

Kelley Rae said...

I can't believe how early they start school either - at least you're on the last track though so you didn't have to start in July :) Hope Jace is feeling better soon, though I do love the cuddly pictures!

Melissa said...

Cute blog! I'm so excited to have come across yours. Thanks for taking pics of Connor at school - now that he let you, I can coerce Vince. He and Josh both said 'no' to pics in their classrooms on the first day.

Jessie said...

Since we are doing the kid thing on the exact same schedule, give me your tips for being a relaxed, yet organized mom. I am still trying to bounce back after having my fourth. Have you figured this out yet? Our kids are adorable! It is fun, but crazy, right?

The Harding Hive said...

It's true....time flies. You will blink, and then your little guy will be in 7th grade (like Sadie). Then you'll blink again, and you'll be taking him to college (like Jordan). So much fun though in the meantime. Cute family.