Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of my most favorite things to do is travel. I love a vacation. It doesn't have to be far or overly spectacular. Just a nice getaway with my family is good for me! There are times I wish I could just live on vacation and not have a care in world!

We recently got home from a wonderful getaway to Island Park, ID. We rented a beautiful cabin near Henry's Lake and had a lot of good times!

Some of my pictures were uploaded to my computer as well as my mom's laptop. So I suppose I will be sharing our photos in a couple of posts.

This is our second day in Island Park. We rented a raft at Macks Inn and floated down the Snake River.

Here we are awaiting our adventure!

My one job was to hang on to Jace! The last time (8 years ago) we floated down this river was in a canoe and one of our canoes tipped over! We lost our lunch and our goodies. My brother, his wife, and one year old daughter also had a wet treat! I was determined not to have that happen again! So we went for the more expensive raft to insure no tipping!

We pulled off to the side several times to let the kids splash in water.

The boys were especially excited to help row the raft.

Katelyn helping daddy!

We were floating down and Kelly saw something up ahead in the water. Here he is pointing out his finding.

This is what we saw! This moose was having his lunch break! It was cool to see him just standing there, without a care in the world. We weren't sure if we should wait for him to leave or slowly float by him. We ended up just waiting and watching. It was quite a sight!

Stay tuned for more pictures of our trip!


Shirley said...

How cool is that Moose! We love Island Park and go up at least twice a year. We haven't rented a raft in quite awhile, so we will need to do that next year. I bet your kids had so much fun!

Heather B said...

Jer's parents have a cabin up in Island Park too. We love floating the river! Did you guys do Yellowstone? Jace is getting so big already!

Melissa said...

Looks like you've been having so much fun! Your kids are so darling!