Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Our kids recently went back on track at school, so the Friday before, we took advantage of the most beautiful day and had some fun!

At the request of our children, we went to the "Castle Park." My kids love this park!
They always play restaurant with the wood chips.
Katelyn, kindly taking daddy's order!
Dad took Katelyn to jail!
Kelly always gives the kids a good spin on the tire swing. This was Jace's introduction to the swing!

After the park, we went to the pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin.
This is probably one of my favorite fall traditions!

Last Monday, we went to Thanksgiving Point for the Barnyard Boo!
Jace and Kate won witches fingers. Thanks Jace for showing me "the finger!"
I learned one thing this night, Connor has quickly outgrown the kid games at carnivals. He would have much rather have gone to the haunted house across the way. But he was a good sport!
Pony rides. Jace did NOT enjoy the ponies!

This was once again one of the most beautiful nights of the season. I truly love Fall! I wish it wasn't gone already (as we are experiencing snow today!)
Face painting.....
And a hay ride.
What a fun night!
Then last night was Halloween! It couldn't have come sooner, since today the weather is awful!
It didn't take long for Jace to get the hang of things!
My kids loved being able to Trick or Treat with their friends.
My sweet little Witch!
The last few weeks have been great! Now it is time to start thinking about the rest of the year and the holidays to come!

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