Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful......Day One

(Kelly and his bike partner, Freeman)

My good friend gave me a good idea. During the month of November, she tries and posts a couple times a week of things she is thankful for.

So, thanks Heidi! I am going to copy your idea!

Something that I am always thankful for is that one my husband has a job and two, that he is kept safe at work.

I realize that every job and activity we do each day has an element of danger. But Kelly's job as a police officer might have a slightly higher danger rate than other jobs.

Performing a traffic stop can be a bit unpredictable. Does the driver or passenger have a weapon? Do they have drugs? Are they going to be cooperative or cause a fuss? He always has to be prepared for the worst.

Also, he has been to a lot of domestic problems. Most of these people are drunk or impaired because of drugs. These types of people aren't always easy to deal with and often times he has had to wrestle people to ground or chase them over fences.

At any rate, I am thankful each and every night/early morning when he crawls into bed and I know he has made it home safe and sound! Lots of people have asked me how I handle having him have a dangerous job. I just tell him that first of all he loves it! I have to remember he is happy and doing something that he loves and that he is good at. Also, early on, when he was in the police academy, we felt strongly that as long as we were doing our best at doing the things we needed to do (attend church, have family home evening, pray, etc.,) then he would always be safe. I am thankful to say that has continued to happen over the last 7 years!

Here is a link to his blog if you want to read some exciting cop stories! It is a bit outdated, but nonetheless, there are some good things on there!


Melissa said...

That is definitely something to be grateful for and I'm impressed Kelly has a blog. I'll have to check it out!

Lynette said...

I am one of those who has wondered how you two handle his job. Isn't the gospel wonderful??? Sometimes I forget that there is protection -- whatever kind of protection is needed -- in living it to the best of our ability. When we aren't doing what is right, we don't have the safety and peace that is certainly a blessing...I think it says a lot for a policeman to love his job. I am very thankful for police officers and I have been teaching my children that these men and women are people who are working to protect our community and they shouldn't be afraid of them, either. :)