Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful......Day 5


Today I am thankful for all my friends!

We made some of the greatest friends in Phoenix. 

Friends that I crafted with, taught preschool with, ate bagels with, and partied with.

Friends that we laughed with and cried with.

Friends that we vacationed with and celebrated holidays with.

It was a blessing that one of these friends is a doctor.  He came to our home to check on our sick or injured child (two different children!) And who made us feel reassured that they would be okay (which saved us from a visit to Urgent Care!)

I am grateful for FB and Blogger so that I can keep in touch with these friends! I get to hear about their families and their accomplishments.

I am equally thankful for our friends here in Salt Lake.

We were blessed to move in a neighborhood where there are so many great families!

We've had BBQs

and camping trips.

There's been Rockband,

playgroups, parties, movies, and game nights. 

I am blessed to still have relationships with some of the friends I grew up with.  We've had lunch dates, park dates, and long chats!  Even one I get to see regularly because she cuts my hair!

There are friends who play recreation sports with Kelly!  Which I am thankful for because I don't know how he would form a softball or basketball team without his friends!

We love all of our friends near and far!  We are thankful for your examples and your thoughtfulness. You are apart of so many memories and we will cherish your friendships forever!

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Tia said...

What a great post. It got me all choked up!