Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful......Day 4

Since Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away (where has the time gone?!) I have been thinking of family traditions.

I am thankful for our family traditions and it seems like this is the time of year when we have a lot of them.

Yesterday was the first of many.  It is around Thanksgiving that I start to think of Christmas cards and getting a photo ready.  Every year since Connor was a baby, we have done a photo card.  It is fun to look back at them and see just how our family has grown and changed.  So, yesterday we took the family out and took some fun fall pictures for our 2011 card. This kids were so cooperative, which doesn't usually happen!  I could have kept taking pictures all night!  This time, instead of using the timer and tripod,  we were blessed to have our friend do them for us!

Today marks another tradition.  Football!  I love football.  Seriously, Saturday can never come quick enough when there is a game to watch!  It has been apart of my family since before my birth!  I love being able to go to the stadium and cheer on my team or gather all together in the family room and watch on TV.  I also love that I have passed the tradition on to my own little family! The season is nearing the end, and that makes me sad.  But we will enjoy what is left!

Then in a week or so, I will start preparing for our Thanksgiving dinner.  It is now my job (used to be Grandma's job) to make the all important Chocolate Roll!  This is a must for Thanksgiving dinner.  We look forward to it all year (it just might be my favorite part of Thanksgiving day!)  And now I have the privilege of sharing it with the family!

Those are just a few of the traditions I have been thinking of the last few days. I can't wait for the holidays to come in full force so we can take part in more of them!


Angela said...

I can't wait to see your new family picture. I hope you'll send me a 4x6 copy. ;)
We need to take our family picture too, but I worry that we've waited too long, weather-wise.

Valerie said...

I remember spending many a Thanksgiving at your house growing up. I got to bunk up in your room. I too love the chocolate roll. I first saw "THe Christmas story" at your house. Good times, great memories!