Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful......Day Two

Today I am thankful that my kids love to play! To be specific......they like to play out in the cold snow with their friends. And I am thankful that we have a great sledding hill right behind our house which makes it possible for me to stay in the nice warm house! Double thankful for that!
Last Saturday we woke to snow and the kids were overly excited. Before I knew what was happening, they started digging through the closet for snow pants, gloves, boots, and coats. Oh, and I just realized one more thing I am grateful for.........their snow gear still fits from last year! Yay, I didn't have to run out and buy new boots or snow pants!
Here are some pictures of them out with their friends, enjoying a fresh layer of snow!

Jace and mom drove around the corner so I could get some pictures.  He wasn't quite sure what to think!  And he wasn't quite happy to have cold hands!

I am sure we will find ourselves here again.  Probably sooner rather than later.  And I will have the continual pile of snow stuff right by the door.  I've got to find a solution to that!

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Melissa said...

Fun! That's awesome that everyone's snow gear still fit. Thanks for the reminder to go check.